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Galaxy copier provides service and support for Ricoh machine all over Penang Island & Mainland.

Galaxy Copier attracts the finest service technicians and customer service representatives in Penang.

Our office staff and techs in the field take a great deal of pride in their work – they are focused on providing maximum uptime and performance for your copier needs.



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We offer many flexible methods to finance your photocopiers:

Photocopier leasing (often referred to a photocopier rental)

Leasing photocopiers is a preferred method of financing, the benefits associated with leasing agreements are as follows:

  • No capital outlay for the photocopiers.
  • Easy Budgeting – the rentals for leasing your photocopiers are fixed for the term of the agreement.
  • Lease upgrades – easily change you photocopier during the rental agreement if your requirements change.
  • Lease your photocopier over a fixed period from 6 months to 5 years.
    If you need a photocopier for a short period of time or you may not be in a position to commit to a longer term photocopier rental agreement or lease we can offer you short term hire for your new photocopier.
  • Rates are dependent on which photocopier best meets your requirements and the duration of the hire.
  • Short term photocopier hire is flexible but normally costs a little more than a conventional photocopier leasing agreement.
Why should you consider Managed Document Services?
  • Major benefits for your businesses
  • Reduced, more predictable day-to-day print costs
  • More reliable and usable printing environment
  • Up-to date printing environment with easy development as business needs change
  • Potential for enhanced ‘green’ operations
  • Improved company image through higher-quality printed material
  • Flexible financing/payment options
  • Major benefits for your IT
  • Better fleet management and control, monitoring, reporting, regular reviews
  • Increased capabilities to deliver more core services to the organization
  • Significantly improved service quality and consistency
Are you considering replacing your current photocopiers but feel tied in to your existing agreement?

Have a chat with one of our finance experts who will be able to let you know the options available to you, it may be that we can take care of any liability that you have with your current lease agreements and provide you with the replacement photocopiers that meet your needs fully.

Special Photocopier rental rates for Charities, Government Bodies and Education.

Extra discounts are currently available for the above organizations which would be reflected in lower cost photocopier rentals &sell call us at 016-512 7579 to discuss how we may bring down the costs of ownership for your Photocopiers. Or,

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